Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Schrodt Family

I love him. More now than when I met him so many years ago. So thankful that God brought him into my life.
So glad I married my best friend!
This little girl LOVED posing for the photographer...
This little guy did NOT....he woke up from his nap that day with a fever and was "off" the rest of the day...of course...the day we have picture scheduled. Sigh...
David and Katy (married in 1998)
Josiah, Jacob, Caleb, Callie

The kids are totally grossed out by this picture :)


sandi said...

oh katy, callie is beautiful! love her hair cut. these are really good pictures.

Courtney said...

just looked at them ALL!!! wow! SUCH amazing pictures! i love ALL of them! you guys ALL look amazing!

anthonyandbeth said...

Another beautiful family! My favorite, of course :-). Such gorgeous pictures of your precious family!