Saturday, October 15, 2011

Jacob's Birthday Celebration

Jacob's birthday is next Wednesday. Not the best day of the week in this family to have a birthday on unfortunately. So we decided to celebrate on Saturday when we were actually going to be together! After a fun morning of football/cheer (and Jacob scored a TOUCHDOWN in his game), we headed home for Jacob to open his presents from us.

Jacob saw this "toypedo gun" in the store at the beginning of the summer. He wanted it so badly and I bought it on sale at the END of summer with intentions of saving it for next year for a "happy summer" present. I was shocked when he listed it on his birthday list but I went ahead and gave it to him. He was SO excited! :) Kind of funny that he can't use it for another 6 months though....

David came back from his run to find Callie sitting in her window...she was supposed to be having rest time....and she got a huge lecture from David about how the screen could have fallen out and she could have fallen out, etc, etc. Goodness gracious girl!
Caleb had a super hard time falling asleep. Cried for a long time (totally out of character) He's had a bit of a cold and so when he woke up after only an hour, I got him out of his bed and brought him downstairs with me where I was reading. He laid his head down, and so we both slept for another 1.5 hours!! Sweet boy. David took this picture but decided to leave my mouth hanging open :) At least you know it was a real picture!
The boys spent most of the afternoon playing outside with some of Jacob's new birthday toys. Then we headed to dinner at Outback - huge treat but we had our FREE steak dinner coupons to use! :) Great excuse! Jacob was SO excited when they brought his free ice cream and sang happy birthday to him! :)
After we got home, we put the younger two in bed and the rest of us enjoyed a game of Disney Cranium before bed.
Enjoyed some birthday cake...
...which Jacob ate one bite of and then said he wanted to "save" it because he was so tired!! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

Looks like the perfect celebration day for Jacob!!!