Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cue Boys II Men....

It's so say goodbye....

The day is finally here. Our sweet friends are leaving tomorrow morning to go back to WV. Sad for us. Happy for them. Their daddy reported for work there about two weeks ago and they stayed a bit longer to wrap up some loose ends here with the house and school and things. We tried to stay in denial about it as long as we could, but the day is almost here now!

We met up for ice cream one last time - we both had groupons (again)....and so met at TCBY. But they don't have bathrooms there (seriously - is that legal?) - so of course with 7 kids someone had to go potty - and we headed across the street to Rush's to eat and go potty. At least our crazy kids kept us from getting too sappy! :)

Our 3rd graders - Keatley and Josiah

Our 1st graders and Lego Masters - Jacob and Cooper

Our 4 year olds - Carlie and Callie

Callie was looking about how I was feeling. Not wanting to say goodbye at all! I think it had just dawned on her what was all going on. She knew they were moving and had talked about it, but the night before we were getting ready for AWANA and it really hit her. She said "Carlie doesn't have a Cubbies vest because she is moving". I said "That's right - they are moving to WV and she won't be going to our church anymore." Callie got very mad and I realized that while we had talked about them moving, she didn't understand that meant we weren't going to see them at church all the time anymore. Sad.
Man has it been fun doing like with this sweet family this year!
And what a joy this lady has made it. She was the Missions part of our M&Ms (Music and Missions) on Sunday night and was a HUGE help and support as we led this ministry over the last year. Not to mention a great friend, coupon advice giver, and just joy to be around. Alli, you will be missed!!! As much as we will miss you here in SC, I pray that God richly blesses you up in WV!! Looking forward to our first ski trip up there! :)
Its so say goodbye....


sandi said...

super sad for callie, her face is just precious.

Courtney said...

oh, SO sad!