Saturday, October 29, 2011

Josiah's Rank Test - GREEN Belt!!

The long-awaited day was finally here - Josiah's rank test. Once he got his blue belt, he knew it was going to take longer between tests as they get more difficult. He was super excited and had been counting down the days! It fell on a Saturday morning, so we had to split up to get Jacob & Callie to football/cheer while I took Caleb and Josiah to his rank test.
It always starts off with the physical conditioning part - which kicks off with a one mile run. I let Josiah wear my Garmin so he could see how far/fast he was. He loved it! :) (and big surprise, he's faster than I am! Of course he was only running 1, but still!)
Pushups for 3 minutes....I'd rather die....
Caleb did a GREAT job - these tests last SEVERAL hours...and it's so crowded in there. We were sitting on the floor along the wall for a long tie...but right next to the water fountain which he LOVED since he is tall enough to reach it (on a stool).

Josiah's right in the middle - only white uniform in the group...
Gross. He put Josiah's mouthguard right in his mouth before I could catch him...ewww...

Awarding the new belts!
Goodbye blue belt! Hello GREEN belt!!!

We have two very good friends in this group with Josiah - Savannah and Noah. Sensei bragged about all 3 of them in front of EVERYONE when he was awarding belts. He said that the three of them knew all of their requirements for this rank test several months ago, but used that extra time to perfect and strengthen their skills. He said that in doing so, it brought the level of the entire class up and he was very proud of their effort! SO proud of them!
Josiah and I went to Ruby Tuesdays afterwards for lunch to celebrate and I enjoyed my time JUST with him. I'm SO proud of you Josiah - I hope that you always stay as focused and determined as you are right now! God has given you wonderful gifts and abilities, and I know you will use them to do great things for Him!! I love you!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Go Josiah!!! His hard word has paid off and I'm glad you made a big deal of it! :-)