Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Angel Gabriel

I'm afraid that my husband is losing it. He was helping to relocate the costume/prop closets from our old building today and he sent me this picture....oh my....(and now I'm feeling sorry for his sweet assistant who was forced to take this picture of him....)

We made it to Thursday. Short weeks usually feel nice and short - but not this one. This one felt just as long and crazy as a "normal" week. So I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday! We discovered McAlister's Deli tonight for the first time ever - did you know kids eat free Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday nights? And even better than that, you can get TWO free kids meals for each adult meal that you purchased. (Which means for our family, ALL four kids would be free when David & I buy dinner) Score! Good to know and file that one away.

My sweet baby boy Jacob is turning 7 next week. I can't handle it. Good thing he still LOVES to climb up in my lap and will ask me to carry him upstairs when he's super tired. 7 is very old. His birthday is on Wednesday. A hard day in this family, so I have some special things that I am scheming up that will hopefully make it special until we can celebrate as a family over the weekend....


sandi said...

john david was out of town this past week so the children and i went to lone star on tuesday... same deal ~ two kids free with one paying adult. with morgan eating off everyone's plate the four of us eat for the price of one. can't beat that ~ and i did not have to clean up!

just got back from the hospital ~ nana was resting they had come in to check her out before letting her sleep. she feels great and looks great also which is wonderful. so much to fill you in on! love to all!

anthonyandbeth said...

This is hysterical!!!