Thursday, October 27, 2011

Almost Friday!

Hooray - it's almost Friday! I just spent naptime NOT taking a nap...sigh...but instead digging out my desk from under a ridiculous amount of paper and bills to be dealt with. Not fun but necessary.

Here's something that IS fun! :) Tomorrow at IHOP (Friday 10/29) from 7 am - 10 pm, ALL kids under 12 can get a free Scary Face pancake. No purchase necessary. (and before you worry about what "scary face" means, it means it has whipped cream, mini oreos for eyes and candy corn for a smile....not very scary but very delicious!) We can't go tomorrow night because all the pastors and wives are coming over for dinner (hooray!), so I think it's going to be a surprise afterschool treat! :) How fun is that!


Courtney said...

where?? ihop?

Judy said...

Paperwork wears me out. I feel like I get it under control and then it just piles up again. It's like laundry.