Friday, October 28, 2011

a FULL Friday!!

Started off making the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Yes, I do have a half marathon next week. Really would have loved to just lick up the table after the mess all that butter made! :) They were going to serve as my take-home gift for all the pastors :)
A crockpot FULL of Shoyu Chicken...
Some lovely fall flowers for my table...
Homemade apple pie in the oven - crust from scratch and apples picked off the trees by my kids! Doesn't get much better than that!!!
Stopped by IHOP after the boys came home from school for a special afterschool snack (I realize that to most children it would count as a meal...not my starving boys...they made it clear that this was NOT dinner!) :)
LOVE free pancakes at IHOP!!

We had all the pastors and their wives over for dinner and dessert. A great evening to fellowship and relax with one another. It's been a tremendously stressful and busy last few months, so it was nice to have an evening together just to relax and enjoy each other! We put our kids in bed and this is how I found them shortly after. These two are cuddle bugs!!


Judy said...

Those rolls look yummy! I should try to make those :)

Love the sleeping pictures. So sweet. They'll be a treasure one day!

sandi said...

i wonder how that icing would hold up in the mail to me?!?

awww, the sleeping pictures remind me of sam and meredith getting that reward on the weekends for good behavior. morgan slept with sam on saturday night and loved cuddling up with him.

and yes, if eaten early enough, my kids agree with your's... that's NOT dinner!