Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Jacob!

My sweet baby boy Jacob turns 7 today. I was determined to make the day special for him...even though it fell on a Wednesday. UGH! We started with breakfast we always do on birthday mornings :)
He LOVES donuts. That's what he wanted me to bring in for his class. Since his birthday is in October, he always gets the pumpkin-shaped donuts from Krispy Kreme for his birthday. I had sent David to pick up the donuts last night and he came home with sprinkles. Said they didn't have the pumpkin-face ones that night. Made me sad. I'm a sucker for tradition stuff. Jacob asked about it this morning, but was okay with it. I take things like that harder than he does :) He was happy for donuts!
He had one little present from us to open that morning (a new water bottle...his teacher this year lets them keep a water bottle at their desk if they want...he's been asking since school started for a water bottle!) and then got to open my Mom's present that had arrived yesterday. I even let him play his DS for a few minutes (a HUGE treat - we have a "no screens" rule during the school week...)
The younger two and I joined Jacob for lunch...
...and found this smiley little birthday boy sporting a new birthday visor from his teacher. :) I love that he gets so excited about these things. You can always tell exactly how he's feeling from his face (unlike Josiah who is much more like David in his facial expressions!!!) He loved getting to pass out his donuts to his friends at school (and Callie & Caleb were SUPER excited to get in on that action!!!)

The younger kids and I went back home and put some groceries away. A little bit later, I dropped off Caleb & Callie with a neighbor and went to kidnap the big boys from school! I signed them out a bit early (much to their surprise and delight) and took them to....
...the movies to see Cars2!!! They were so surprised and so excited! It was playing at the dollar theatre, and Josiah was the only the one that had seen it (it was his date with David this summer). I had a great time enjoying my two big boys!! We headed home and Jacob got to open up his presents from Aunt Kelli & Gramps! We had about 30 minutes before leaving for church and they were so excited to dinner was a grab & go thank heavens for frozen chicken nuggets kind of night before rushing them into the car...Whew. It was a day. But Jacob enjoyed himself thoroughly. I loved seeing his excitement over the smallest things throughout the day.

Jacob, I am so proud of you. You are growing up to be such a sweet boy and I am so thankful that God gave you to our family! Always remember that God loves you so much and has such wonderful plans for you! Happy 7th Birthday my sweet Jacob Aaron!

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anthonyandbeth said...

Love the day you planned for him! I know he felt special! :-)