Monday, October 3, 2011

The most beautiful towels I've ever seen

I think I mentioned to you before about the Angel Tree that our kids choir is doing this semester for the orphanage in Haiti, right? Well, when I asked Angie about it (our Northside missionary there) she gave us this one other great idea...towels for each of the children! She had a friend here in the area that could personalize them all for us as well! What a wonderful idea for these precious kids - not only for them to have a new, beautiful towel, but one with their name on it - it was to be ONLY theirs!!! I LOVED the idea and knew we had to do it!!

In order to raise the funds for it, our parents and kids ran a concession stand a few weeks ago during a Back to School Bash that our student ministry had. They brought in Sidewalk Prophets and allowed us to sell concessions. (I was running around like a crazy person and didn't take any pictures...sad, I know.) Our parents responded in an unbelievable show of support by donating baked goods and sodas and volunteering. The littlest kids made signs for us and the older choir helped do the selling - it was a great way for them to get involved in this project! When all was said and done, we raised almost $500 for those precious children! We bought the towels, had their names put on them and I took them to the shipping store on Monday!!

We also bought towels for Angie & Andrew, our missionaries, and their baby girl Faith. :) We couldn't leave them out! We picked lots of bright colors for the towels, and then Kerri did their personalization in all different fun fonts and used each child's favorite color for the thread :)
Alli & her kids came over one night for dinner one night and then helped me wrap all 34 of these towels. This was the sight of them when I walked into the shipping store! I felt so bad for the people that came in after me!! We got them boxed up and on their way!! Now comes the hard part - waiting for them to arrive in Haiti! OH - I wish I could be there to see those precious children open them!

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Courtney said...

what a GREAT idea! what a blessing that is going to be to them!