Wednesday, February 2, 2011

how a 3 1/2 year old girl makes decisions...

It was the last day to use my last 2 "free jr. frosty" coupons from wendy's (sidenote...i will definitely be buying more of these in september...they sell coupon books with 10 coupons - each for a free jr. frosty) for $1!! I gave them to the boys' classes at school, as rewards for my children's choir, and still enjoyed several with our kids and probably spent only a few dollars!!!) Anyways, i bought 1 chocolate frosty and 1 vanilla frosty. I asked callie which flavor she wanted and her reply was "hmmm...let me see what i am wearing. am i wearing white or brown? well, my puppy's (the stuffed animal of choice this week) ear is brown, so i'll have chocolate." makes perfect sense to me! :)

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the wiedmaiers said...

isn't having a girl such a delight! you would decide FOR the boys depending upon what they were wearing so that the stain would blend in... see the difference? hope all is well my friend.

(got my tags from paula, that time of year once again)