Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is what I get for taking pictures of the ones I love VERY early on a school morning :)
She's been all about wearing costumes to bed lately - she LOVES it! I can't imagine that it's comfortable to sleep in, but whatever! Not a battle I'm going to fight!
There's ONE happy child :) He's the only one so far that is my early bird - wakes right up almost every morning on his own, ready to go. Jacob is a wee bit slower to wake up :)
Freshly bathed in the morning...that means he probably woke up with a BLOW-out diaper!! (And yes, he got his hair cut! But I'm a loser and didn't have my camera with me. Sigh. He loved it though - sat on David's lap at Sports Clips and did great! Looks SO much better - and so much like Josiah did after he got his first hair cut!)

The boys thought it was VERY cool that I made a heart cake....without using a heart-shaped pan!!! I used a square pan and a round pan...can you figure it out? :)
David and Callie bought me these tulips :)

We got to go to Jacob's class for his valentine's day party. It threw me off all day because Mondays are usually my stay at home, get the house back in order after the weekend, get all my laundry done, house cleaned, etc. But not today! I had things to do and places to go! :)
Their parties always take place at 1:00 pm - which is their normal snack time and is right after rest time. We went in around 12:30 during their rest time to get the party things together. Callie went over and laid down on Jacob's rest mat while he was passing out his valentines :) She SO thinks she is PART of his class!

The kids are really so sweet. We had the normal cupcakes but then also had some fun things to do chocolate fondue! We had strawberries, apples, marshmallows, pretzels - all kinds of fun things to dip in the chocolate. YUM!
Not ENTIRELY sure how she ended up with sprinkles on her face...
A very fun-filled day for sure!

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