Friday, February 4, 2011


The boys' school had a free family bingo night to coincide with their book fair that had been going on all week. Being the big GAME family that we are, we decided we couldn't miss it. After all, taking a big family to bingo would increase our odds, right? :)
We left Caleb with our neighbors so he could go to bed and took their older 2 kids with us (Abby & Noah). The kids were SUPER excited and got VERY into it!
We had a great time - and David even got BINGO one time! They had neighborhood businesses from all over town that donated different things and he won 2 free tickets to a Parents Night Out at one of the rec centers here in town. The boys are super excited about when they'll get to go. It was just a fun, family night - I love those! :)

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