Monday, February 28, 2011

josiah NEVER would have gotten away with that!

you know how the oldest kid in the family always says "you NEVER let me get away with that!" Well, i think it's probably true. and i don't think it's because you spoil the younger ones - at least not in every case. i think because after you have the first couple of kids, you realize that some things just don't matter. or not always. i just put caleb to bed for his nap and he's holding a ritz cracker. didn't want to eat it - wanted to go to bed - but was holding it for dear life! i decided it didn't matter. so what if he goes to bed today with a cracker in his hand? and callie is taking her nap today on the "blue" couch - the couch in the front room with the piano - instead of up in her room. does it really matter? i decided it doesn't matter! sometimes i think it's okay to say yes! :)

i've only got 7 days left in 2010 to update and was trucking right along until i realized last night that i hadn't even DOWNLOADED my pictures from Christmas off my camera yet! 600 pictures are now downloaded and need to be gone through so i can post!! it will be done in the next 10 days though because i have a coupon from blog2print that i want to use to have my 2010 book printed! :)


the mccollums... said...

so it is true that the first is always the "guinea pig"...did I spell that right? ha. oh poor Josiah and poor Maryn...and all the other "firsts" out there. :)

600 pics?!? Wow, lady, you have some work to do! :) Glad you are catching up, I was starting to worry about my SC friend.

Judy said...

Blogging can be hard work. I get so overwhelmed whenever we have a holiday. I just end up with so many pictures and then I have a hard time willing myself to deal with them all. I can't even begin to imagine how many pictures I'm going to end up with of BabyChatt! Oh boy!

I still have only ever done one blog book and that was 2008. I have some major catching up to day!