Monday, February 21, 2011

A Fun-Packed Weekend

Totally love this. All 4 kids gathered around looking at the pictures on the calendar that I make for my Mom every year at Christmas. They LOVE it! :)
We had a great weekend with Mom. Fun-packed, lots of things happening as always, but we LOVED every minute! We did the park, she got to come watch the boys' basketball games, was HUGE help while I was helping coordinate the surprise party, enjoyed grilling out (since there is still SNOW where she lives this was a big treat!), church in the morning, and she graciously took the younger kids home while we stayed after church for our big Worship Concert kickoff! She was able to come and watch the boys in kids choir and hear them working on our new musical! Whew - it was great. I always love having her here, and it's never for long enough! We love you Mom!

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