Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Kevin!

A couple of months ago, my friend Beth (I know a LOT of Beths apparently....this is my friend from here in SC...she leads one of the children's choirs with me) mentioned to me that her husband's 40th birthday was coming up. She wanted to do a surprise party but didn't know where she could have it. I suggested our neighborhood clubhouse (she lives just a few minutes from us) and helped work out the reservation details. It was perfect! Her friend Pat told Kevin (Beth's husband) that she was planning a surprise party for BETH (whose birthday is just a few days before Kevin's) and for him to show up with her on Saturday. The BEST part of the surprise though was that Beth booked a trip for JUST the two of them to leave for immediately following the party! Ya'll know I'm a big supporter of time away WITHOUT kids, and so I offered to keep her kids for them while they were gone!

So after basketball Saturday morning, we raced home to get the party decorations underway!

Kevin is a deacon in our church with an amazing story of how God transformed his life several years ago. What a precious family and one that we have grown to love since moving here just 2 years ago! It was so fun seeing all the people come to celebrate Kevin and love on him a bit!
This is Pat, Beth's friend, who did most of the work for this! I was just the location contact! :)
Kevin is a HUGE Clemson fan, and so the theme was pretty obvious for him! :)

That face says it all doesn't it? Here's the whole family!
Logan, James, Kevin (birthday boy!), Daniel, Tyler, and Beth
He LOVED the cake!

There were lots of old man jokes - someone brought him this old man cane :)
It was a gorgeous day and so we were able to open up the french doors to the clubhouse and eat outside around the pool and by the playground - perfect with all our kids! (David stopped by briefly with our kids and then took them to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader - the new Narnia movie. They finally finished reading it and were SO excited to go see it).

Parties can wear a person out! :)

The kids went home with their grandma for the weekend and then she'd bring them over to my house on Monday night! I told Beth that I would have loved to hear his reaction when they drove away from the party and she told him they weren't going home but going away for a week! :) That's awesome!

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