Friday, February 18, 2011


Several weeks ago, Mom said that this weekend would be a good one for her to come visit us. I had hoped to make it up there, but we had too many things going on during Saturday and Sunday that we couldn't miss. So I was thrilled that she had a free weekend and would make the trip down to see us. I decided to keep it a surprise from the kids this time and just let her show up! I almost blew it SO many times but managed to keep my mouth shut! :)

When I talked to Mom that morning, I was surprised to hear that she was ON the road by 5 AM! She said she woke up before her alarm went off and just decided to go ahead and get started! She was excited to get here too, and was hoping to make it here before the boys got home on the bus! And she did - she showed up at my door at about 1:30 pm!! Callie was downstairs and David had her open the door....
....and Tutu was there!!! She looked like this for about 3 seconds - I guess long enough for it to register. Then she started talking a MILE a MINUTE!! Just fully immersed in a conversation with Tutu! She cracks me up!

Not too much longer, it was time to head down to the bus stop. I was so anxious to see the boys' faces - I knew they would be SHOCKED!!! When the bus pull up, I saw Josiah look out the window and wave at me - and then stop. You could see his face processing, and then he looked at Jacob straight in the face like he was saying "JACOB! Tutu's here!!!". It was hilarious. They came off the bus and they gave her BIG hugs!!
Jacob ran straight into her arms :)
...and the first words out of Josiah's mouth - literally - were "This wasn't scheduled!!" I about fell OUT laughing! So funny. We told him it WAS scheduled - we just didn't TELL him about it! :) They were super excited as you can see!
Jacob immediately sat down to show Tutu his newest trick - tying his shoes! A few days before, our neighbor had given us some hand-me-downs for Jacob, including a pair of Nikes. Jacob saw them and said "well, I can't tie my shoes." I told him we would practice and that he'd learn soon. He sat down, watched me do it once, and picked up the laces and tied them all on his own! Just like that! No practicing, no trying again and again - just did it!
Callie would have loved to spend the whole weekend like this. She loves her Tutu, and loves to try to keep her all to herself. She LOVES your undivided attention, and will sit in your lap and read books for HOURS if you'd let her!
We headed out to a park a little ways away that has lots of bike trails, a fabulous playground, and nice picnic areas. Josiah was showing Tutu his latest karate moves that he's learned.

This is the smile that shows up when kids find out that mom packed SODAS with their picnic dinner!!!
MAJOR treat!!!

In the summer, this area has a spray park - but for now it makes a great place for bikes! :) (We did actually go on some trails - but no pictures of that part...of course)
Doesn't he look like a big boy now with his big boy haircut? I love it - so cute!
I know it's hard to see, but David too over Josiah's bike and was riding him around on the back - they were like 2 little kids having a great time!!

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