Saturday, February 5, 2011

Josiah's Basketball Season

Josiah and Jacob both played basketball with Upward again this season and had a GREAT time. They both REALLY grew in their skills and their confidence this year. Upward is a great program for kids in my opinion. It not only builds and teaches the basic fundamentals of the sports, but it shares the gospel and encourages EVERY child in giving their very best. Their star systems rewards those things - so that EVERY child is encouraged for traits and characteristics they exhibit. It's not only best offense and best defense that matters - but best effort, sportsmanship, Christlikeness - I LOVE that about Upward!
We videotaped the games this week, but it died right before Josiah's all we have are still pictures. He's #4 in the blue jersey.
David participated in a little halftime fun activity (but Callie was never far away from her daddy...I was so worried she was going to run out and crash the tower he and his partner were racing to build!)
One of the things that I love MOST about Josiah is that he always gives his very best. Always. He doesn't ever complain about getting tired or wanting a break. He was on a small team, and most weeks they all played every minute of the game. He never complained or slowed down or gave anything less than his best.
Josiah is extremely smart and very good with math & science. He also is going to be a wonderful musician - it comes very naturally to him and is pretty easy for him to excel at. But sports are not. It takes him much more work and concentration - I'm afraid he's inherited his mother's coordination. But that's why I love watching him play - because he works at it with everything that he's got!
David and I often laughed during the games because most of the kids would try to shoot the basket from anywhere on the court - if the ball was in their hands, they were ready to score some points. Not so with Josiah! He was always anxious to pass - I think because he didn't like the stress! :) He did get several baskets in the last several weeks which was exciting to see for him. Defense was his strength for sure - he was all over that! He had a great season and we were SO proud of him and his attitude throughout! Go Bearcats!

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sandi said...

i love that although not together we are doing similar things with our children. we love upward also!