Monday, May 24, 2010

Paint Colors

It doesn't help that the previous owners painted the living room a golden yellow color -which is messing with my head when I try to look at these colors!
Potential Living room colors on left, kitchen color on right

Trying to figure out the perfect color to work with everything, but mainly work with the couch!!

Now that we've got our new furniture in the living room, I am DYING to paint the downstairs. We did all the upstairs when we moved in, but now we are ready for the downstairs. We've got a couple of colors up on the wall and are trying to figure out the "perfect" color. We found what we want in the kitchen (called "brown buzz" - is a neutral, green-shaded color....that's a terrible description I know), what we want in the foyer entry and upstairs hallways (called "oatbran"...that pretty much sums it up), but we're still having trouble with the living room. Trying to find the perfect shade. Would love to do a chocolate brown color - but it has to be the right brown. Not too dark. Not too light. Has to work with the couch. and the carpet. and the furniture. and the green in the kitchen.
I had hopes of getting started painting tonight. But David was "hungover" from watching the 8 hour series finale of Lost last night, and I wasn't ready to commit to a paint color yet. So no progress. Feeling a little anxious because we are hosting a cookout for the praise team, band, and A/V team here on Saturday night. And the pastor's wives fellowship is here on Tuesday night. And it would be SO nice if it was all done. But I'm going to try to be patient! :)


the wiedmaiers said...

katy ~ you should email pictures of the room to my sister and let her help you with the colors. she just did a great brown in their playroom/guest room/office on the walls and ceiling... looks great ~ not too dark/not too light.

i know you want things done by a certain time, but getting the color right is better than rushing the job and not being happy with the color! especially in a room that is used all the time.

Kristen Deaton said...

Our home is getting painted this week too! From the pictures, I think we might have the same green - except ours is called China White. It really is green though, no idea why they call it that. We're using it in the living room where there is a lot of white already.