Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just good.

Just a good day. Not too crazy. Not too hectic. Not frantic. Just good - you know what I mean? It felt good too. Aaahhh. ALL the kids and I got to take Josiah to school today since David's at his conference this week, and they get the biggest kick out of that. I stepped it up to Level 2 in my "Shredding" DVD - it about killed me. Mostly because I felt so uncoordinated trying to figure out the new moves. I'm so terribly uncoordinated. Oh well.

After picking up Josiah from school, we headed to a friend's house for an afternoon playdate - for all of us. Caleb took his afternoon nap there and my other 3 had a ball with Jenn's 2 kids - and so Jenn and I had a few hours to just sit on the couch and chat. It felt REALLY good. Came home and had a frozen pizza and breadsticks for dinner (that I got for $2 this week w/my coupons!!), baths, and kids in bed. Good stuff. Hoping to finish folding the 12 loads of laundry that I did yesterday while watching American Idol! :)

Oh, and guess what Josiah wrote on his card that he made for his teacher today (it's Teacher Appreciation Week this week so we're doing something special each day...). He wrote "Dear Mrs. Bickley - I love your math tests! You're a great teacher!". He cracks me up - he really does love school! :)

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anthonyandbeth said...

what a 'good' day! :) yes, level 2 was killer. i agree. and am equally as uncoordinated. :) love your math tests!!! how cute is that! :)