Friday, May 21, 2010

A night at the Zoo

On Friday night, our zoo (you KNOW how much we LOVE our zoo), had a special "members-only" night. This was the first time we had been to one, but apparently they do it once a month. They stay open 2 hours later in the evening and open it up for their members. The kids (well, Jacob and Callie in particular) are always so excited to go, and I was looking forward to having a few hours of some fun family time.

The kids climb up on this big rock EVERY time we go to the zoo and ask me to take their picture. This time, they found a little friend already sitting on top of "their" rock.
Hello Mr. Skink! (and for the record, I think his cousin was in our garage a few days about scared me to DEATH!!) Gross little suckers....

We were SO excited to get to go through the BRAND-new Kangaroo Walkabout exhibit. They built a trail through this "walkobout" thing so you can actually walk through amidst the kangaroos!! Tonight there were only wallabys - the kangaroos won't be there and ready to be "out" until next month, but it was exciting nonetheless! Did you know that kangaroos are a lot like deer? Interesting facts for you!
Caleb enjoyed a little of David's hair gel for snack!

Icees for $1...who DOESN'T love that? :)
Caleb, who was being a trooper as it was past his bedtime...again, went to crawl around and explore with David for a little bit. The other kids and I went through the lorikeets exhibit. Some kids gave us their little cups of nectar that they were done with so the kids got to feed some of the birds. This Jacob's ABSOLUTE favorite thing at the zoo, but I had told him we weren't buying the nectar this time. These boys just made his day! The birds were feeling especially hungry (they were probably happy for the extra late night snack for them since the zoo isn't usually open this time of night) and were all over the place. They landed on both Jacob and Josiah - which was a riot. The CRAZY thing is that Josiah actually enjoyed it! He usually can't STAND these exhibits where you can feed the animals - he'd rather stand back and take it all in. Jacob, of course, is the opposite. Of the 20 times that we've probably been to the zoo, Josiah has NEVER fed anything there except for the fish in the koi pond. Something came over him on this night, because he actually held his hand out to get the birds to land ON him! And of course I didn't have my camera with me to capture it - David had it! Oh well!!!
Is he not the cutest? It was a fun night together. Being outside. Enjoying our sweet little family. Thankful for nights like these. And we were SO excited to wake up to a Saturday. Just a regular Saturday. No soccer games in the morning - yippee! :)

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Judy said...

I wish we had a zoo close by!! That looks like such a great family night!