Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jesus Saves!

There really aren't words to describe what happened on Sunday night. The concert was amazing. Not because it was vocally perfect (it wasn't). Or instrumentally perfect (it wasn't). Or because there were thousands upon thousands of people there (there were hundreds, but not thousands :) ). It was amazing because God showed up in a very real way. People REALLY worshipped. This was not a concert to do a performance. This was about having a night of worship. That we as a church body could participate in TOGETHER. That would get our focus on WHO it should be focused on! Crying out to God to do it - to bring families back together, for the lonely to feel loved, for father's hearts to turn towards their children. Declaring that Jesus is the Lord. Singing a song called "Praise the King" - a sweet, heartfelt song praising God for the seemingly "small" things in the life - for hills where children laugh and play, for rocking chairs, for people on their knees. I could go on and on. These songs were powerful. They moved people. They moved me. Out of our "autopilot" mode that we can get in sometimes. And into a posture of worship.

David had the choir memorize their music. Primarily so that it would free us up to worship whole-heartedly. Without books in our hands or words to focus on reading - we could truly focus on our heart's song to the Lord. And I'm telling you - there was such freedom in that. There were some people that were truly set free. I've been set free from things in my life - and I don't say that lightly - but once you've been set free from something, you can't sing lyrics like "Satan's lies bowing to the truth" without getting all worked up!

It was one of those nights. One of those moments for our church that we will remember for a long time. One of those visions that David has had for years that he really got to carry out and see LIVED out in these people. I'm excited about where this is going to take us.

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