Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Before I even opened my eyes on Sunday morning, Jacob and Josiah were at my side of the bed saying "Happy Mother's Day Mom!" And then Jacob blurted out "we got you a cake and a flower" and there was Josiah holding his gifts. He made them at school on Thursday and HID them in a paper bag under his bed.....
....which is why when he gave me this flower, he said "i think you need to water it. it looks a little sick." Sweet boy. Wanted so badly to surprise me!
...and the cake that was hidden in his backpack and under the bed since Thursday. It was DELISH though! (and came with coupons from Publix!) :)

And look what David got me - it pays to post your wish-lists on your blog if your hubby is a reader!!
I am so blessed. My kids are the best - they totally wear me out alot of days, but I am SO thankful and humbled that God chose me to be their mother. It's a huge job. Way bigger than me. Much harder than I ever imagined. But so very fulfilling.
I appreciate my own Mom so much more now that I have children. She taught me so much and continues to be one of my biggest encouragers. She loves me and loves my family like no one else. I am SO thankful for her!


anthonyandbeth said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! what a wonderful mommy you are! so glad they made you feel so special. :)

Judy said...

Oh dear, I got worried for a min. But the Cake Doctor book I got for you is a different one than either of those two :)

Looks like a great Mother's day. I love the cake! So glad you took a picture of it!

Handmade by Kiki said...

I *love* that he hid them from you for a few days. That's hilarious. Hopefully you can revive the flowers. I received a flower in a pot that Kylea had made at preschool as well as the flowers in the flower box that she made at Lowe's with Steve and I am so nervous that I am not going to keep them alive. I don't do well with potted plants! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!