Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Field Day at PHES!

Josiah had field day at school on Wednesday and he was SO excited about it! Who doesn't love a day of fun games and playing outside with your friends! :) The kindergarten and 1st graders were outside first thing in the morning, so the kids and I all stayed after taking Josiah to school so we could watch some of the fun. We had a great time!!
Josiah getting ready for his chance at the "hurdles"
He's running so fast his feet aren't even on the ground! :)
(He LOVED these pictures!!)

Josiah's cheering section - they LOVED watching all the fun! :) I was thankful they did so well - I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but they stayed right next to me and enjoyed watching the festivities!
During one of the relays, they were attached to one of their classrooms and then had to stand in the hula hoop at the other end of the gym and count to 100 by 5s - it was so funny! :) Josiah said he loved that part!

Can you see how big he is smiling? He has had such a great year. We love his teacher. LOVE the administration - it has been a really great year. He has SO grown up....even in the last few months. Grown in his confidence. In his self-assurance. In his social interactions with his peers - it's been fun to watch.

Jacob and Callie watching...very closely...
Caleb did well - I nursed him at home before we left and then brought his cereal and fruit with us. He ate it in the stroller and then ate some cheerios and was pretty happy. We left right before the last outside activity so we could get home for his morning nap. It was a great morning! :)

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the wiedmaiers said...

you know what i noticed in those pictures (which were great by the way) you have a new stroller! tell josiah hi from his longest known friend, sam!