Monday, August 17, 2009

A quick stop before vacation

Beth & her family got to stop in on Thursday for a quick visit before heading to their vacation on Friday - hooray! I love stop-overs!!! The kids LOVED having her kids here to play with them, and they picked up just where they left off - as always. Josiah and Harrison played games, games, and more games, Jacob and Jackson played dinosaurs and rescue heroes, and Callie and Addison played with their baby dolls and strollers - it was so fun! I enjoyed getting to sit with Beth and talk while she held Baby Caleb for me (I think she enjoyed that part too!) - I was SO glad they could come by!! These sleepovers are fun!

"Baby" Addison meeting Baby Caleb

Beth's oldest (Harrison) with my youngest (Caleb) - crazy!

Meals are always awfully noisy with our crews!

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anthonyandbeth said...

stopping in was SUCH a highlight for me! Anthony knew how much i could hardly wait to see you and meet that precious baby...wasn't it nice of him to schedule a lunch appt. so we could arrive earlier in the day! :) i love how our kids just pick up where they left off and my boys sure did enjoy your boys this time! we love your family Katy! it was so fun to see Callie and Addison sort of playing together this time! and thank Caleb for sharing his new room...poor little guy, hardly a week old and already having to share! :) we loved EVERY SINGLE minute of being with y'all! miss you already!