Sunday, August 9, 2009

He FINALLY did it!

Hold Caleb, that is!! Jacob & Callie had already gotten in bed after baths, and I needed to run upstairs for something. I asked Josiah if he'd hold Caleb for me, and he said "sure!". They were so cute - my oldest (looking VERY old and grown-up) and my youngest.
Josiah has been VERY sweet with Caleb. Talks to him every time he walks by in that sweet little voice. Asks where he is almost immediately after waking up. He and Jacob were talking today at lunch about all the things they are going to teach him when he gets bigger, and all the things they'll do together and play together. I love it.

And on a less sentimental note, why are all my pictures lately of kids in their underwear? I do dress them, I swear!


Courtney said...

sweet pics!
and i was kind of wondering if josiah ever wore a shirt ;-)

The Stein Family said...

How cute! Josiah DOES look so grown up! I'm sure you'll have your hands full with all the things those boys are gonna teach little Caleb someday :)

anthonyandbeth said...

love these pictures! Josiah looks SO BIG!