Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy 2 weeks old birthday Caleb!

Caleb's 2-week check up was this morning at the doctor's office. Let's just say he passed with flying colors!! The doctor was VERY pleased with everything, the appointment was quick, and we were on our way home sooner rather than later and don't have to go back until his 2 month check - up. Hooray! I'm SO thankful for my healthy baby boy!!
His stats:
20 1/2 inches long (same as birth)
14 1/4 head circumference (was 13.5 at birth - i guess his brain HAS gotten bigger!)
8 lbs 9 oz (8 lbs 2 oz at birth).
The doctor reminded me that he should be sleeping on his back...and I politely nodded. I've had 2 tummy sleepers, and 1 back sleeper so far. I think this one wants to join the majority...we'll see. Am I the only mom that goes against the curve on this one??


Judy said...

Oh that last picture... sweet! So glad you captured that big yawn :)

Mandy said...

No, you're not the only one going against the curve. Jake was a tummy sleeper and since he was my first, I worried but indulged him (so thankful I did!) Sadie actually preferred to sleep on her back.

Caleb looks fantastic, Katy! Such a cutie! :)

Annelise said...

I FORCED Annlise to sleep on her back at all times. Ethan really wanted to sleep on his tummy and it really wasn't worth the struggle. I know I am going against the rules :(

Jenn said...

2 weeks already!? Crazy!!

Oh, I have two back sleepers :)

The Stein Family said...

Nope -- Both clara and jonathan were tummy sleepers, and looks like Matthew wants to join in there too -- and I do like you -- just smile and nod the first few months at the Dr. (eventually I fess up!)

Tiffany said...

Katy....I thought I was the only one.....Paiyton was a side sleeper and Emmah was a belly sleeper so I have not had a back sleeper. Caleb is adorable and i think he looks like you a lot.