Monday, August 10, 2009

Life Keeps Going

I remember, after I had Josiah, feeling like the rest of the world stopped. Nothing newsworthy must have happened. Everyone else's lives must have stopped, because I felt like we were in a little "baby bubble". I definitely don't feel that way this time. I don't know if it's because I'm more accustomed to it and know I have to keep going or what. It's really probably just the fact that I have 3 other kids who don't care at ALL if you've just had a baby or not - their lives and their day continues to spin!

We've been doing very well actually. I'm thankful that my deliveries and recoveries all tend to go pretty well - because things haven't slowed down MUCH here. I came home from the hospital on Thursday. On Friday, David had to be at church from 3 pm until 10 pm for a concert. Saturday was nice and quiet...although that night we went and bought David a new suit (the kids actually did well during a very "boring" errand for them...the boys played their new guess who game, and callie wheeled around luggage that was right next to the suit section. caleb slept through the whole thing). Sunday was Sunday - so David was gone at 7 am, but took the big boys with him (a big help for me). They were home at 1 pm, and then David left again at 2:45 until 6 pm for auditions he was holding. Today's Monday and David's back at work. He's been working on getting Christmas music picked, a budget worked out for 2010, some ministry planning stuff done, a church-wide labor day picnic that he's coordinating, OH - and normal Sunday morning music stuff too!! It's been busy.

So life goes on. I took the kids down to the pool this morning so they could burn off some much needed energy. We went early so it wouldn't be terribly hot, and caleb and i stayed in the shade (he slept in his seat the whole time). callie cried for half of the time because I wouldn't let her get in the big pool unless she was wearing her floaties. she played in the little pool for a while, cried & argued for a while, and then finally gave in and put her floaties on so she could swim around. hopefully next time she'll agree quicker! i really hate that I can't get in there and swim too. do i really have to wait 6 weeks? caleb and i are never going to make it!!

the last two nights have gone really well, which has helped me feel functional. Both nights, Caleb has done two 4-hour stretches, which i greatly appreciate! And sleeping in his own bed - so we're definitely getting there. Thankful he's such a healthy baby and a good eater!

I know that 3 of my 4 are asleep, and I haven't heard anything from my "resting" he may be asleep too. i don't have enough time before i have to feed caleb next, so i think i'll have to clean the bathroom instead. bummer!!!

OH - and you know what my pick-me-up of the day from God was? An email from a friend here with a schedule of who is going to be blessing us with meals for the next couple of weeks. How amazing is that? SO very thankful - just when I start to get overwhelmed, God does something like that just to remind me "it's going to be okay. one day at a time. i'm still taking care of you and have you in the palm of my hand". Deep breath. Love it.


Courtney said...

i didn't wait 6 weeks...after sawyer. and i HURT afterwards...but i just felt like i had to!

it's true...with the 4th...not much changes! you can't really slow down much! (and it keeps you sane, too!)

anthonyandbeth said...

i've been thinking about you so much today. i know you are SO good at this and love your babies so much but have been wondering if you're having any of those panic moments. i know you can do it and each day will get better and better and the more sleep you get the better each day will get! i wish David could take a few days off but i know life and jobs must go on. SO glad your mom is coming. what a blessing she will be. there is just something about mom showing up. :)

SO glad to be reminded of how God is taking care of you and even your meals! :) SO happy that your church family is supporting you and loving on you like they are. that's def. one perk of being in ministry. if only churches could reach out to like that all the time to all who are in need. it would change the world! SO glad they love y'all so much already!

Scott said...

Are there 26 hours down there in South Carolina!! You're turning out to be like that Dugger woman. Seriously, I am so happy for you and David. Just have to ask if Josiah wore boy shoes to the hospital? You know Lauren's flip flops were here waiting for him.

Read the whole birthing story. You know I had the same thing happen with Megan. My mom was in the hall and they couldn't even get her in fast enough when Megan was born - that fast. I think when I sat up to get the epidural it made me go to 10cm - couldn't get the epidural because she was just about crowning.
SO glad your church is getting meals for you. Sandi was trying to figure out how to get her Mac and cheese down to you. :)

take care

Jen said...

This makes me giggle, because I remember with the first one how the world stopped. Daddy would phone in, we just had a baby, I can't go anywhere. THe world revolved around that little person. I guess it was kind of nice, but not reality with the subsequent children. Just remember to take time for yourself to heal, and for those hormones to settle down. You deserve a little bit of rest too! He sure is cute, wish we could squeeze him in person.