Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meeting their NEW brother

On Wednesday morning, David woke up and went home to relieve Mary (she stayed the night with the kids). He had some time with them at home and then brought them up to the hospital to see me and meet their new brother!!! We had their reactions pegged! Callie came in talking about "that mommy's bed, that Baby Caleb's bed, that Baby Caleb's blanket, etc",Josiah came in asking if he could open his presents from Caleb, and Jacob wanted to hold him right away.
Callie wanted to be RIGHT up on the bed next to me to see Caleb.

The boys were trying SO hard to be patient, but were DYING to open their presents from Caleb (everyone got a book and a toy from him...)

Taking in the chaos around us....

Reading her new Dora book...again, right next to me...

This picture cracks me doesn't matter that I had just had a baby 12 hours before...I was already having to get onto one of the boys for goes on, right!

She was brushing the hair on her new Dora doll (which we presently can't find....)

Josiah got the Guess Who game (Marvel comic heroes edition!) He hasn't stopped playing it...
See how Jacob and Callie are fighting over who can hold him and Josiah is completely uninterested? Hilarious.

We had a TINY room, but it was the last room available the night I delivered. Anyone who delivered after me had to stay down in L&D - so I was thankful!

Jacob got some new Kid K'Nex - the boys LOVE these building things!

Playing the first of MANY games...

Wearing mommy's socks

Callie LOVES holding Baby Caleb! She keeps saying "so cute so cute!"

Giving kisses...

The newly expanded Schrodt family (even including the back of Dora!)

I can't believe all these kids are MINE - am I blessed or WHAT!?

This was the shirt he wore when the kids came to see him :) It says "I'm the Little Brother".

Callie's feet look HUGE next to Caleb's!

This is what he does when he gets to hold Caleb - Jacob just BEAMS!

David and all the kids :)

Dr. Josiah

David and the kids taking Caleb to the nursery before they had to leave.


Brennan Blog said...

Congratulation to you and your beautiful family! You are so blessed! Caleb is adorable! Take care in these next few weeks!

Wendy (Judy's friend)

Courtney said...

precious, precious pics, katy!!! you are just BEAMING!!! (isn't it fun to have a baby in the summer when you're tan?? :-))

i'm thinking about you SO often!!!

i love you!!

The Stein Family said...

Once again -- you're gorgeous! and the whole family looks sooo excited for your new blessing. Caleb is a lucky little family to have a family who already loves him so much! (what a great idea, the baby bringing presents for the other siblings...did your kids ask if those were in your belly too? - Clara would!)

Heather J said...

I love how excited the kids look- they are glowing! And you look fab for just having a baby!!!!

Judy said...

That Jacob is too cute! He is just going to be the best big brother! I love it that Callie loves Dora. She would fit right in around here! It's so great to see all six of you together. Just beautiful. Email me sometime (like when you have a free minute) and send me some new pictures you might like in your header. It's time for a real picture of Caleb. I could just replace Caleb or do a family picture of all of you or do individual pictures of the kids...whatever you want...just let me know!

Mandy said...

Precious pictures, Katy! I love Jacob's beaming smile...he's such a loving little guy! Callie looks like she's going to enjoy being a big sister! :) Josiah is like "yeah, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!" lol! So cute! I'm so happy for you guys! Jake and Sadie were thrilled to see the pictures! :)

Andrea said...

These are awesome pictures! You look gorgeous! And Caleb is ADORABLE. (can you say that about a boy :) )

anthonyandbeth said...

i love, love, love all these pictures! i've been on here a couple of times looking at them but haven't had time to leave my comments yet. :) you look beautiful Katy! the kids are adorable and look thrilled about their new baby brother! Caleb brought some cool gifts! :)