Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another First

Caleb got to come to choir rehearsal with me tonight for the first time...and he LOVED it!!! He was SUCH a happy boy the whole time - he was happy to be back surrounded by the altos!! Our kids have always loved music during my pregnancies, so it didn't surprise me one bit! He was glad to be back. They called him the "choir mascot"! :) About 30 minutes before it was over, he started smacking his lips, but he held on until the end of rehearsal, when he decided to create a blowout!!! I changed his diaper after picking up the other kids, and made the decision to head home (and hope he makes it that long) and feed him there...rather than feed him at church and then leave. He was fine during the drive and then when we walked in the door, he started screaming...I guess he was telling me he was DONE waiting!!! Hurried and got everyone else in bed and then he was SO glad to finally eat! :) Another "normal" thing that it was SO good to get back to!!

Josiah's papers from his backpack are laid out and drying. (David's going to get a kick out of hearing this story when he gets home). I think I'm going to send milk in his thermos tomorrow...just to be sure. And he's decided that he wants to buy lunch on Friday! I told him that he can choose to buy lunch on a few special days and was SHOCKED when he said that he wanted to! So we looked at the menu for the next several weeks and he picked a day when he was sure to like the offerings...I think I'll probably send his teacher an email to give her a heads up to keep an eye out for him on Friday in the lunch line....that's a big deal! :)


anthonyandbeth said...

Addison was out choir mascot tonight. little thing pitched a fit for so long in the nursery they had to come get me. i guess she's getting used to the routine of being out on a wed. night again. she was SO tired and i forgot her bunny. big mistake. :)

i bet Caleb was very loved and enjoyed being serenaded by all the altos! :) how sweet!

hope Josiah enjoys buying lunch! what fun! it was always such a treat for me. Harrison NEVER wanted to. that meant you had to stand in line and couldn't go straight to the table so then you might not like the seat you got b/c you were so late to the table. he really had thought all of that out. :) love all the stories about what Josiah is up to with school! he is so cute!

Laurel Conrod said...

How awesome that you surround your kids with music, I sure they will grow up to be talented and do great things!

Our kids always loved Mondays at school...PIZZA on the menu! The lunch line sure is intimidating. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I went through the lunch line in my 12 years of school, I was shy and very comfortable with the sandwiches my mom packed for me. Good luck to Josiah!