Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to everyone!! It's been a happy one here so far! It started off very exciting since Caleb slept 6 hours last night - then woke up, ate, and slept for another 4 hours. Hooray! :) He technically wasn't supposed to be allowed to go past 5 hours until tomorrow (when he'll be 4 weeks old), but I decided one day wouldn't kill him. He was SO tired because we were at church ALL day yesterday - all morning for "normal" church services, and then home for an hour before heading back for a seminar from 3- 8 pm. Great seminar, but tired kids. The other 3 were in their classes, but Caleb was with us in the sanctuary. So he didn't ever get a REAL nap yesterday- lots of cat naps in people's arms, etc. So he was good and tired! He also started "batting" at a toy over his face yesterday...and I SWEAR he's trying to smile at me! Why's he getting so BIG already! :)

I spent most of the morning today talking with my sister Kelli as we prepare for our family weekend in Myrtle Beach. 3 of the 4 sisters will be there, and my Mom is coming too so it is going to be a fun long weekend. Our family will be driving back on Saturday night to be at church on Sunday for the services and then a church-wide picnic that David has been heading up. Then we'll return back for the rest of the holiday weekend. SO looking forward to getting away for a few days - for ALL of our sakes. So I've been making menu plans, grocery lists, packing lists, laundry - all that fun stuff! :)

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Annelise & Ethan said...

That's great that he is sleeping more :) Have fun on your vacation!