Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wednesday morning

This is Sam's last week of swimming lessons and it has been so fun to watch him!  Kelli has a neighbor right down the street who teaches the infant survival swimming and both Joe and Sam have done the classes.  We loved watching Sammy show off all his tricks!  :)

 Another outfit for Miss Anna Sue!  After seeing her in this adorable onesie, I convinced Kelli to let me pack up her newborn clothes - the girl needs some room to wiggle around!  :)
Cousins are the BEST!

Aunt Kristen was going to come have lunch with us today (she works right up the street from Kelli's house!) so Iron Man and Iron Patriot came with me to pick up our lunch from one of Kelli's favorite places.  It was DELISH!  I had a roast beef and brie sandwich on a baguette...yum o!!
For rest time today, the big boys got to stay up and watch Planes.  Anna was supposed to be awake too, but got awfully comfy with her big brother!
I promptly woke her up to take her first selfie!
Judah could NOT get enough of her!
Yawning again...not screaming..I promise!
Trying to be SO gentle

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