Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Superheroes, Anna, and Sno-Cones!

These two are a RIOT together!!  It is SO much fun having kids close together in age!  So thankful!

I promise she's yawning...not crying in my lap!!

He TOTALLY loves Baby Anna (which sounds alot like "nana" when he says it...same word for banana...)

Caleb loved seeing Anna too...so gentle and always checking on her in the midst of whatever he was doing

Running errands is always more fun with cousins!

Anna is very well protected!  I got these costumes at Target in their after-Christmas sale!  Caleb has been playing dress up with his and he told me when we bought it that we should get the blue one (Iron Patriot) for Joseph - so they could be brothers!  I was going to save it for his birthday at the end of the month, but when we decided  to come visit, I HAD to give it to him early because I KNEW they would love playing in them together!  And I was right - he didn't hardly want to take it off all week!  :)
We had a great little routine down!  After lunch, the little boys would lay down for their nap.  Kelli would feed Anna and then hand her off to me and SHE would go lay down for a nap. The big boys got to stay up and have some play time by themselves and I got to have some Anna time before it was time for her nap!  We LOVED it!

Uh oh - this is how I found Judah after his nap.  Apparently he pulled over half of the bookshelf's contents into his pack and play.  The four boys were all sleeping in the same room...so sometimes it took more than a few minutes for them to get to sleep :)
After asking ALL morning about this, Aunt Kelli pulled out the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine for a fun afternoon snack.  Joseph and Uncle Scott had found this treasure at a yard sale recently and were so excited to try it out.  It was a lot of work, but the boys thought it was great. :)

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