Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A night at the CLUB!

 Scott and Kelli belong to a sailing club in Palm Beach and on Wednesday nights, they serve dinner!  They often go down to the club to play at the water, go out for a boat ride, and eat dinner at the club there - such a gorgeous setting!  My kids have all been to "the club" but I never had been before, so I was SO excited to finally get to go!  Miss Anna got to change outfits (again!) and even had the perfect nautical one for her first appearance at the Sailing Club!

The junior sail club was just finishing up their class and the kids got to watch them bring their boats in. These kids were as young as 7 and 8!!

Joe and Sam jumped right in the water and LOVED it!

Aunt Kristen and Uncle Chris joined us for dinner - yay!  I was SO glad to have this day to get to see them a little bit!  My main objective for this trip was coming to help Kelli, but it was SUCH a bonus to get to see them, because I wasn't sure if it was going to work out or not.  I would have HATED to have been so close and not gotten to see them though, so YAY!

Judah just kept walking up and down in the water - he loved it!

We all think Anna looks just like her Aunt Kristen!  Certainly looks alot like Kristen did when she was a baby!

After playing in the water a bit, we came and got all changed and ready for dinner.  Caleb changed VERY quickly so he could hold Baby Anna again!
"The man that makes special drinks" brought Joe and Caleb these fun drinks :)  We had a fun dinner up on the patio, and then headed down for a quick boat ride!

We were able to go out and see Scott's boat - pi - on our ride.  It was a GORGEOUS ride!!

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