Friday, April 11, 2014

Goodbyes...and a call from the school nurse!

One of the things Kelli had hoped to accomplish this week was get some pictures taken to use for Anna's birth know...while I was there to help distract and make a few preschool boys smile!!  For some reason, this didn't happen until the morning I was trying to get ready to leave.  Poor timing - but cutie pie little girl!!!
Neither of her boys were very interested in the photo shoot...they had the most adorable shirts that someone had made for them, but they were a bit on the grumpy side...perhaps they weren't happy about their cousins leaving either!  In the midst of all this drama, I get a phone call from the school nurse saying she has Callie who is wheezing and can't breathe!  What in the world!  David is on an all day field trip with Jacob's class, and I'm out of state!  Hello!  Called my friend Angela who said she would pick Callie up and take her to the pediatrician (she goes to the same one).  Felt so helpless!  Thankfully, it turned out to be bronchitis and Callie was fine, but it was a scary little bit there!

I can't TELL you how thankful I was to be able to make this trip.  Kelli was my total lifesaver when I had my first three kids.  She totally came and was SUCH a help to me - but then when she started having babies, I was having babies at the same time and felt TERRIBLE that I couldn't help HER!  So I was SO thrilled to get to come spend the week with her and get to help a little bit.  Love this sister of mine and love that our kids are SO close!!  If only I had a baby girl for Anna to play with!  :)

You girls better come see me soon!!!

Stopped at this Chick-fil-A on the way home...only in Florida do you see a bright yellow Chick-fil-A!!  :)  What a great week!

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