Thursday, April 10, 2014

Outside in Florida!

 The weather this week has been absolutely perfect!!  Of course, it helps that they live just steps away from the intercoastal, so there's the nice breeze from the water - it's just so lovely!  But it really was the perfect time of year - gorgeous to be outside, and not so very hot that you are sweaty at 9 am!!
We took a LONG walk around the neighborhood in the morning to deliver invitations for an Easter Egg hunt that Kelli's church was organizing for the community.  Joe and Caleb were great deliverers!
Kelli's backyard is the perfect little oasis for the boys!  We played quite a bit of baseball back here!  Lost a few baseballs in the neighbors yards too...oops!  It was so great to be able to spend some sweet time with Sam and Joe while Kelli was taking care of Anna!  This is what I came for!!  :)

Snacks after a good rest time!  :)
Something else Joe had been asking about ALL week was going to 7-11!  We took a LONG bike ride/walk - about 1 mile each way - to their 7-11 and all got slurpees!  Yum!  We had to rescue Sam's crocs a few times along the way, but we came with all our shoes and happy tummies!  A fun treat before dinner - and all that exercise!

We were getting ready for dinner and I was playing with the boys outside.  I flipped the camera on my phone around so the boys could see themselves and they absolutely were dying laughing!  It was so funny!!  They LOVED seeing themselves!!  :)
 Say cheese Sammy!!
Look at that mouthful of TEETH!!

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