Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Callie!

 This sweet little girl came into our family 7 years ago...and it hasn't been the same since!!  She is such a fun girl to celebrate!!
We started the day with some birthday donuts of course!

Her birthday fell on a Wednesday (not ideal for this family), so we let her open her presents in the morning before school when Daddy was still there.  And of course, she wanted to wear her new outfit to school!
Was going to bring her Firehouse Subs for lunch (her free birthday sub), but then realized they aren't open at 10:30 am when I needed to pick it up!  Had to change plans at the last minute and grab Chick-fil-A...which made me a few minutes late for her lunch.  She KNEW I was coming, and I called my friend who works in the office to let her know.  I didn't want them to make her buy school lunch when I was ON my way!  They held her off and I finally got there!  Phew!

 We brought cupcakes for her class - blue cotton candy frosting with little "ice crystals" on top....the Frozen theme, remember?

I LOVE this little Callie girl.  She brings so much life and excitement to our family.  She is growing up right before my eyes.  I have been reminded lately that she is smack in the middle of all these boys and needs a little extra TLC...

 She also got the movie "Frozen"...which I informed Josiah we were going to sit and watch together after school.  Judah didn't get a nap because of all the lunch drama, but he sat down with Josiah to watch the movie and fell right to sleep :).  Even stayed asleep while I took him up to his bed - yay!  And we LOVED the movie!!  :)

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