Friday, April 4, 2014

Judah's First Egg Hunt

Every year, the town of Lexington puts on a HUGE Easter Egg hunt for the families and it keeps getting bigger and better!  This year I think they scattered 100,000 eggs!  WOW!!  They had lots of carnival games all over the fields with prizes - our jackpot was the game run by Bojangles - they were giving away coupons for free BoFreezes and BoBerry Biscuits when you played!!  We cleaned up on that one!

Anways, this was Judah's first egg hunt - I didn't know if he would know what to do but he LOVED it!  They had a hunt just for those two and under, and he just kept pointing around saying "EGG!! EGG!"  It was hilarious to watch him!

Waiting for the official start...he was losing patience fast :)
GO!  He hardly even had to move before he got his basket all filled up!

And THEN he discovered there were TREATS inside!  Talk about jackpot!
The older kids had flashlight hunts once it was dark.  No pictures of the big boys - they were over on a different field and I stayed with the younger two.  We had a BLAST!  :)

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