Saturday, April 5, 2014

THE party!!!

Callie has been waiting for this day for her WHOLE LIFE!!  :)  We always say that she is lone extrovert trapped in a family of introverts!  This girl wanted a REAL party this year (we don't generally do BIG parties) and she wanted to be able to invite EVERYBODY!  We decided to have a FROZEN party because the DVD was going to be released that week and thought it would be a super fun theme to do.  And she was allowed to invite ALL of her little girl friends from school and church - she was beyond excited!  :)
We started off by making dresses for "anna" and "elsa" out of toilet paper and streamers...

We did a "falling snow" game outside with balloons too, but no pictures of that.  It was a little...busy...trying to keep track of 17 girls!  Easier than boys in that they aren't wrestling on the floor, but there was drama and crying and lots and lots of high pitched laughter and squeals!  :)
Getting some food
Watching Callie open her presents - they oohed and aahed over everything :)
Then we settled in to watch the movie!  Even the boys (who were told they had to stay upstairs for the party) were allowed to come down to watch with us :)
Does this look like a room full of fun or what!!!

It was a really fun theme to do - all blue and white and silver!  Blue finger jello was "Kristoff's Ice Cubes"
Donut holes were "snowballs" - you can also see the giant marshmallows that were dipped in white chocolate and silver or blue sprinkles...and i even found pretzels dipped in blue yogurt!  If it was blue, I grabbed it!
Frozen grapes and pretzel sticks that were "Snowman Arms"
Here's some "snowman noses" (carrots) and "melted snow" (ranch)

We ate pizza while watching/singing along with the movie
Did a little "pin the nose on Olaf" game...they were pretty darn good at this one!  (Thanks to Josiah for drawing Olaf for us!)

We made some SNOW for each of the girls to take home (homemade play dough with glitter in it)
the cake!

Watching everyone sing to her

Wait!  Gotta make a wish!

I did a jello poke cake so that it could be blue and white too!  :)

We had a GREAT time celebrating Callie!!  Lots of exuberant, squealy, high-pitched fun!  :)  Totally different than any party I'd ever thrown for the boys!!