Monday, April 7, 2014

Going to visit Baby Anna!

As soon as Baby Anna was born back on the 26th, I sprung into action trying to figure out some days that I could get down to see her!  Mom was able to go the first week of April and then we made plans to drive down after she had to leave.  I decided to go during the week when my older kids would be in school to make it easier for David.  He was gracious and went in to work early and came home early when the kids got home on the bus.  I took Caleb and Judah with me, planning that they would keep Sam and Joe entertained :).  And my job would be to keep Kelli and Anna happy!  We left EARLY that morning (4 am early!) and the kids slept for the first few hours.  It makes such a long trip seem a little easier if you can get there early enough in the afternoon!  We got there a little after 2 pm and the boys went RIGHT to playing in the playroom!  :)

After naptime was over, we walked down to their park and I got to look at Anna some more - she is so precious!
Judah became quickly obsessed with Baby Anna
There she is!
Baby stretches are my favorite!

She looks SO different than the boys - she was a few pounds bigger than them and has dark skin and dark HAIR (they were both so fair and light from the very beginning!!)
Gentle Sammy :)

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Beth Williams said...

Babies are my favorite!! I'm so glad you got to go and be with Kelli! Such a special time and gift to your sister