Monday, July 1, 2013

We MUST do this again!

We knew it was going to be quick, but we weren't QUITE ready for the goodbye to be upon us already!!  The Cassadas were hitting the road to head to Atlanta and continue their fun adventure.  We were SO glad they stopped over with us though - my kids absolutely LOVED her kids (who were PERFECT, by the way! Seriously!)

  A little coloring while waiting for breakfast (it takes a little while to get breakfast prepared for 11 kids!)

 I love these two pictures.  Laughing in the kitchen with a friend that has known me a LOONNGGGG time :)

 You could stand in one spot and look in ten different directions and see so much going on at any given time!  It was so great - I loved it!  :)  These two really were cut from the same cloth though - Sawyer and Caleb.  Adorable.
 This is a LOT of kids!  These are Courtney's and mine - all sitting in birth order :)  (except for Judah who is standing in front).
Rebekah, Josiah, Joshua, Jacob, Bailey, Callie, Lincoln, Sawyer, Caleb, Levi, and Judah
 Silly faces!

 Telling Rebekah just how much i LOVE her mom!  :)
 I have NO idea what is going on in this picture, but Rebekah's and my face??? Hilarious!
Courtney, thank you for going out of your way to stop by and see us!  We absolutely LOVED it and cherished every bit of time we had!  Your children are SO lucky to have you as their mom, and I am lucky to call you friend!  I love you!

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Courtney said...

oh, we loved it so much. i knew i'd love seeing YOU...but i didn't know how much my kids would love your kids- makes me so happy! thanks for hosting me and my crew!!