Friday, July 12, 2013

We LOVE CFA....and a FIRST for the Schrodts!!

You know we always have Cow Appreciation Day circled on our calendar for weeks and weeks!!  We pulled out our costumes from the attic, made sure our masks still fit, and headed out for our day of yummy chicken!!  :)

 First up: breakfast!
 I brought some applesauce and cereal for Judah, but he also SURE did love the hashbrowns!!
 This boy could eat his weight in chicken minis!

After breakfast, we headed to Saluda Shoals Park to meet our friends, the Winstons.  We were ready to try our hand at geocaching, and brought them along as the experienced experts!  :)  We had SO much fun!!  It's basically a GPS aided treasure hunt.  Things are hidden all over the use your hand held GPS device to take you to an area and then you search!  Some are tiny caches where you just sign a log.  Others are bigger (shoebox size) and you take and leave little prizes inside.  It was a total blast!
 Our first discover!!  Charlie found it - it was in a water bottle hanging underneath a bridge!

 Signing the "i found it!" log and putting it back in the cache.
 Hunting for another one...the name of this cache was "Father of Lies" so we were a little nervous...we finally found it attached to a black rubber snake at the base of the tree!

 This was one of the bigger ones that we found!  We had so much fun!
Jackson, Jacob, Charlie, Josiah
Charlie cracks me up.  I told them to smile and this is what I got when I snapped the picture! 

 And then he burst out laughing!!!
 And then Jacob moved to stand on the other side of Josiah!  :)

 The crazy picture :)

 Heading back to the car, but we had to find one more!!  It was on the way to the parking lot, after all :)
 We convinced them to have lunch with us at CFA - they were rookies and I was so proud of them for doing it!  :)  Judah was exhausted from all the treasure hunting!

 And yes, we went back for dinner time!   Let Judah try some chicken nuggets and they were a hit too!  :)

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