Saturday, July 6, 2013

A fun Saturday (with a few tough lessons thrown in there)

After several days on constant on the go and BIG activities, it was nice to have a quiet morning at home.  The boys went fishing while we stayed home to play.  We had planned to take the kids up to a little playground that has sand and a water sprayer.  Callie had a rough morning that morning - probably as a result of too many late nights and too much indulgence.  She had been disciplined and warned several times that morning.  When she acted up again in the car on the way to the park, we pulled over, waved to the caravan that we would be right back, and turned around and took Callie home.  Uncle Scott was staying home to do some work, and so David put Callie (a SCREAMING, crying, BEGGING for a second chance Callie) straight in her bed and shut the door.  The kids were shocked.  They didn't think we really would do it.  When we got to the park and Joseph asked where Callie was, it was a sad thing!  Hard for me to do, even though I knew it was the right thing and it taught a HUGE lesson.  I knew that Callie wasn't going to get this opportunity for this time again.  But she needed to learn.  And learn she did!

 The rest of us had a good time :)

 Dr. Roads spent some time listening to our newest reader :).  She passed with flying colors!

 This boy!  I swear he stops and CHEESES for the camera!!

 Classic.  Caleb mauling his brother who is just trying to play!

 Joseph and Caleb are only a few months apart - it is SO much fun!
 We made some special floats with red and blue soda in honor of America's birthday :) 

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