Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday...with a few extra!!

Late last night, my DEAR friend from FOREVER, Courtney, arrived with her 6 kids!!  I was SO excited when she had asked several months ago if they could stop through on their way to Atlanta!  We knew it would be a quick visit, but I'll take whatever I can get!!  They came to church with us that morning, I packed lunch for us to eat (in one of the preschool rooms at church!) and then we headed to the zoo!!

 We got to see the new baby koala and his mommy!
 Then we headed over to ride some ponies!  It was a first for several of her kids! Here's Levi!
 Lincoln!!  You can see his grin a mile away!
 Bailey...this was apparently REALLY a dream come true for her.  She would stayed here all day long and just ridden around and around :)
 Jacob was especially taken by Levi.  I can't blame him - I could have eaten him up!

 Caleb LOVED having some little guys his same age!  He and Sawyer clicked right away!

 Judah was happy to see some new friends too!  He was a trooper to handle church all morning and then straight to the zoo!
 When we got home from the zoo, we headed to the pool to swim for a little bit before coming home for dinner.  
 Joshua and Josiah went head to head on Madden (Cowboys vs. Redskins).  Joshua won.  Josiah was sad :)

A little Scattergories fun
I had SO much fun!  As quick as it was, I've never had this much uninterrupted time with Courtney and her kids!  Since we got married, we've lived in different cities and so we always see each other on visits when I'm coming by for a couple of hours while I'm in town visiting my mom or something.  So this was such a gift - I felt like I REALLY got to know her kids better and see each of their personalities.  It was SO good to sit on the couch and talk with her and hear her voice!!  I LOVED it!!

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Courtney said...

oh, i loved it, too. makes me want to do it all over again!