Thursday, July 4, 2013


After a little swim to cook everyone off, we headed down the street to our favorite fireworks display - at Calvary Chapel!!  The big kids enjoyed the slip & slide while the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed some play time with smash ball and swings!

 Getting our spot all set up!

 Gone are the days of setting out a blanket and the baby actually STAYING on the blanket!  :)

 Mom and Kristen

 He reminds me of Caleb in this sense - would happily chase around a ball for HOURS!

 The vacation committee :)
 Happy Sam!!!

  They had this awesome swing that Luke enjoyed pushing Callie on.

 Hold on tight Callie!  Mary won't let you fall off!


 4 of my very favorite ladies in the whole world!!  :)

 Hey!! Who's this baby sitting in my chair???

 The Schrodt family!
 The Deaton family!
 Kim, Kelli, Mom, Katy, and Kristen
 The 4 sisters 
(in birth order, of course!)

 (The world's most photogenic family on the planet)
The Oates Family!
 Getting in our seats with snacks ready to go!
 Tutu handed out special glowsticks that she had hidden in her purse aka Mary Poppins bag!


We watched an incredible fireworks show, and then the kids couldn't resist but light a few last remaining sparklers to end the night!  What FUN!!

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Courtney said...

LOVE all the group shots - so fun to see everyone!