Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let the Staycation Begin!

Let the festivities begin!!  When my sisters and I took Mom to Savannah back in February, we talked about our summer vacation plans.  Because Kim's family was potentially going to be relocating with a job change, and Kristen and her husband were going to be moving at some point as well into their new house, we sadly decided it would be wisest not to try and schedule a beach trip this summer.  SO sad, but the wise decision for everyone this year.  There were too many unknowns at that point.  I invited everyone to come for 4th of July however so that we could at least do a little mini vacation and see everyone to get us through to the holidays :)

Mom arrived on Monday afternoon, and shortly thereafter was the first piano duet of the week :)

 Everyone else arrived Wednesday night and we were SO excited!!!
 Lots of playing and chasing...
 catching up...
 and crawling :)  

 I LOVE a house-full!!

 Chris is such a great uncle.  He was always down on the floor covered with kids!  :)
 See how they just flock to him?

 Luke, Josiah, and Jacob and their electronics :)
 We did fireworks in our cul-de-sac that night...time to put the sons-in-law to work!

 Kristen (our resident safety monitor) and Caleb

 Joseph had NEVER seen fireworks like this before.  He was a little unnerved at first but warmed up quickly :)

Such a fun "opening night" to the weekend!  :)

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