Friday, July 19, 2013

Our Beach Day!

I LOVE the beach.  David?  Not so much.  Much prefers the mountains.  Maybe its just because of the stage of life we are in - five little kids at the beach and all the STUFF isn't the most relaxing equation.  But I still LOVE it!  Because our family wasn't going to be able to do the beach vacation this year, we did want to make sure we at least were able to do a day trip.  So we packed up and headed down to Charleston for the day :).

It was CRAZY crowded.  Don't enjoy that at all.  Makes it very difficult to keep track of five little kids that are everywhere (Caleb did wander off at one point but went straight to the lifeguard station like we had told them all about and waited there until we claimed him two minutes later :) ).

 This girl turns into a different person at the beach.  Sits and plays and swims and jumps and digs for EVER....all without saying a word! The girl that never stops talking!  It's amazing.
 We had just gotten to the beach.  Put Judah down and he started crawling RIGHT into the water - it was a hoot!  Never seen anything like it before.  No fear!  The water would lap up over his arms and he just kept right on going!

 So much stuff.  Ugh.  We ended up having to move it back about a hundred times because the water was coming in higher and higher....but I didn't want the chairs and everything so far back because then I'd never be able to see the kids!  That was a big pain.
 He did lay down on me and take a little nap, which was nice.

 One of Callie's favorite things is to be buried :)
 Poor Judah.
 MOM!  What is he doing to me??

 The boys were out on their boogie boards for hours!  Jacob could stay forever.  Absolutely loved it. The waves were REALLY big and it made me nervous...I just kept telling them "Stay together!!"

 Another little nap with daddy...
We had SUCH fun!!  We stayed longer (because David loves me) than we thought we would.   :)  It was great.  We left around 6 pm and headed downtown to see the pineapple fountains and find some dinner.  

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