Thursday, July 4, 2013

Family Time

We came home from the peach festival and had the afternoon to just enjoy each other.  It was wonderful.  Our family is by NO means perfect, but we are blessed and what we have is special.  I do not take it for granted.  So very very thankful.

We were having our main meal for lunch, so it was going to take a bit of time to pull together an all-american cookout for 20.  The babies took naps, Callie got her hair braided (JUST like Mary's :) ) by Aunt Kim,

 ....we celebrated Aunt Kristen's birthday that had just been a few days before
 (see the 4-pack?  All gathered at her feet? Hilarious)

 We got her some outdoor dishes for them to eat outside with.  They have a pool in their backyard at their new house, and thought they'd enjoy eating al fresco!  :)
 the kids checked out David's nearly-completed tree house...
 ...and FINALLY lunch was ready!  It was worth the wait!

 After some rest time we headed down for a little swim at the pool.  Joe is very smothering...uh...loving with his brother just like Caleb is with his!  :)

 I gave Kelli these matching swim trunks for her boys when she was pregnant with Sam! I just knew they'd be adorable in matching suits one day!  :)

 Settling down to watch a little hot dog eating competition :)
 No hot dogs for Sam, although I bet he could put a few away!  He is a great eater!

 i LOVE these pictures.  EVERYBODY!!  :)

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