Friday, June 7, 2013

Jacob's Class Party

Definitely a crazy day.  But so thankful for my kids amazing teachers and their awesome school and I would not miss it for the world!  We had 3 class parties to be at today, two of which were happening at the SAME time and I was in charge of both!  First up however, was Jacob's class party.  It was in the morning (hooray), and I was merely a contributor to and NOT in charge of (hallelujah!).  So we went and watched and enjoyed this sweet face.

His teacher loves frogs, so it was frog-themed :)

 His class was more than 3/4 boys.  oh my.  His teacher was uh-maze-ing!.

 Jacob and Owen have been in class together for the last two years.  Fingers crossed for 3rd grade!! 
 Caleb liked the frog punch (green Hawaiian punch and Sprite)
Judah was just happy to be along for the ride!  (For now at least!)

On to set up for Callie and Josiah's parties!

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