Saturday, June 29, 2013

All American Bike Parade

Our neighborhood hosted an All American Bike Parade this morning.  It was the first year we had done anything like that, and didn't really know if anyone would show up to participate, but we had a great turn out!!!

 My kids were happy to tape streamers and flags to their bikes.  I should have taken pictures of the kids that WON the decorating contest!  WOW!

 It was a fun way to meet some of the new families and get the kids out for a little ride through the neighborhood!

Judah was taking his morning nap, but David came down to the end of the court to take some "action shots".  I was following behind Caleb, but he was going faster than me while I was talking with some other moms.  David asked where I was when Caleb zoomed past him and Caleb said "I left her in the dust!!"  :)

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sandi said...

"left her in the dust" gotta love the truth from our children! looks like fun.

it seems you are trying to get caught up like me! I might have to wait until back to school to get all caught up. trying to soak in the last few weeks with the kids.