Monday, June 24, 2013


 First day of VBS  :) Oh we LOVE VBS!!! But this post is about Jacob...
 Jacob took his rank test for his red belt again on Saturday.  He tested back in the spring and wasn't ready yet to be promoted.  That was tough.  But a very good lesson.
 Sensei talks alot about the fact that things that are worthwhile take work.  If you don't have to earn it, it's not really worth much.  And so he really makes the kids WORK for it - and I appreciate that.
 Jacob is very naturally coordinated and good at lots of things. Team sports come easy to him - soccer, basketball, baseball (which he's never played but is GREAT at) - all come very naturally to him.  Karate is a little harder.  It takes extreme discipline and focus and attention to detail.  These things don't come as naturally to Jacob and so he has to work harder for it.
 He was disappointed after his test in the spring, but understood the reasoning behind it and has worked SO hard over these last few months.  All weekend long he kept saying "Has Sensei called you?" (If the student doesn't pass, Sensei will call over the weekend and explain the results of the test.  If the student DOES pass, they get their belt awarded the next week in class".  

 I was SO proud of Jacob and he was SO proud of himself when Sensei stood him up in class to award him his red belt!

Jacob, always remember that if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing well!  I am SO proud of you!  You never gave up!!!

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sandi said...

go Jacob! that is a great lesson learned and one that will serve him well in the future.